Still updating! Meanwhile, here's my art and photography.



December               Hangout with Candy in ShangHai (M79 art village, MOCA, HaiDiLao). Visit dad's company

December               China trip, first time in 3 years! See my Tianjin grandma again.

December               Seattle Xmas trip with Priya/Erica/Steph. HaiDiLao for first time

December               Visited one of the last waterbed stores in America

December               Won IM frisbee with Microwaves (Round 3)

December               Got best project at the IXR finals and won a Quest 3

December               Built working ionic thrusters out of aluminum foil! (After lots of arcing + electroplating failure...)

December               Attended a small group interview with Palmer Luckey, (controversial) founder of Oculus

December               Went to Roanoke Virginia with Srin for Erin's wedding

November               Casa Batllo was beautiful

November               Stained glass in La Sagrada Familia blew my mind

November               Museums of torture, catapults, and witchcraft in Toledo

November               Secret nun cookies in Madrid

November               Spain for Thanksgiving with Jake! Madrid -> Toledo -> Valencia -> Barcelona

November               Caught bugs with our bug robots class

November               Went to Salsa class with Alex

November               Spent Diwali at Swap's house with Ben/Alex/Raunaq, lit fireworks on driveway

November               Got a beta demo of the AVP 

November               Won double Honorable Mention for People's Choice and Jury's Best demo

October                    Dressed as a cat and mouse for Halloween - a giant, working computer mouse I built

October                    Presented Fluid Reality @ UIST 2024 in SF!

October                    Depths of Wikipedia live show

October                    Rohan's beautiful wedding. Choreography @ Sangeet and lots of food and dancing

October                    Lancaster Renaissance Faire w/ Abby/Ravi/Ananya - way bigger and cooler, FIRE WHIPS

October                    Combustion Festival at Carrie Furnace w/ Anthony

September              Port gets 5th at Mid-Atlantic Regionals

September              Put up bathroom stall usage surveys

August                       Last day in Seattle at PAX West

August                       Saw The Adventure Zone live

August                       Watched live Lucha Libre fights

August                       Ate at Pujol - 16th best restaurant in the world

August                       Rohan's bachelor party in Mexico City

August                       Won Seattle summer C league with chilly chili chilly

August                       Camped and hiked Mt. Rainier NP with Charlie/Rob/Jake

August                       Saw Mountain Goats live at Woodland Park Zoo

August                       Met Founder of Salt & Straw and was very motivated by his talk

August                       Visit the Seattle Renaissance Fair: Pirate Steampunk. Bird of Prey + Jousting + Horse Acrobatics

July                              Pittsburgh friends visit for my birthday

July                              Free tickets to the Seattle Art Fair

July                              Visited the Quietest Room on Earth at Microsoft

July                              Vancouver for a weekend

July                              Fluid Reality accepted to UIST - first UIST paper

July                              Steph's beautiful wedding with incredible food & dancing

July                              Sunbreak with LA friends 

June                            Listened to Jaron Lanier speak and demoed at HCAIX MSR day

June                            Visited Olympic NP and Hoh Rainforest

June                            FORKS! Twilight photo ops and visited the twilight museum

June                            Candy visits, and we drive the Olympic Loop over a few days

June                            Appeared in a Tony's commercial for CMU for 300ms

June                            Surprised Srin in Atlanta for her karoake birthday

June                            Jake teaches me to sail

Summer                    Intern with the EPIC team at Microsoft Research

May                             Visited Glacier NP (and did freezing hikes)

May                             Spent the ENTIRE day at Meow Wolf Convergence Station Denver

May                             Visited World's Largest Truck Stop in Iowa

May                             Cross country road trip with Swap and Alex: Pgh -> Chicago -> Iowa -> Nebraska -> Denver -> Glacier -> Spokane -> Seattle

May                             Steph's bachelorette in Cancun - super fun

May                             Lilian's graduation @ UIUC

May                             Parents visited me in Pittsburgh for first time

May                             Synjets accepted to TOCHI journal - first journal paper

May                             Got 2nd at Mario's Southside trivia B)

April                            Beta tested an immersive AR art exhibit for the Shed

April                            Friends hosted a super fun cross Pittsburgh, all day scavenger hunt

April                            Went up the Airport Control Tower of Allegheny airport

April                            Acted in the SCS Musical - Thomas Jefferson in Cabinet Battle #1

April                           Watched Melissa Villasenor live at CMU

April                            Hosted AMC Beer Math Round 2 - got 2nd place this time

Spring                         Learned woodworking. Made a laptop stand, phone stand, crate, and folding stool

February                  Interviewed for several Cut Keep it 100 videos

January                    Maggie wrote/hosted a murder mystery dinner, where I got away with murder

January                    Rabbit hole symposium - 5 minute presentations on random topics. I presented body modifications.

January                    Rode the Duquesne incline for the first time

January                    LeiOut with Columbia friends


December               Hawaii trip with family (Everyone got sick by the 3rd day :( )

December               Tahoe trip with Mrinal, Abby, Jake, and Blaine.

December               Flew to Tampa to stay on a resort and attend Jake's cousin's wedding

November               ICMI in Bangalore, first time in India! Street markets, brain museum (touched real organs), incredible food

October                    UIST in Bend, Oregon. Great keynote by Ted Chiang, and a beautiful hike at Smith Rock.

October                    Went to my first ever wedding - Jake & Paige

October                    Acadia fall break trip with Daphne, Mateo, Swapnil, and Rohan

October                    First ever RI PhD retreat at Seven Springs

October                    Ravi hosts Dall-E game night where we guess the Dall-E prompt

October                    Published an article in XRDS (Designing for Haptics)

September              Hosted a ramen tasting / ranking party with 11 random brands, then statistically ranked them

September             Went to THE Angry Orchard (with Funk)

August                      Bridesmaid dress shopping with Steph in Seattle

August                      Spelunked at Craters of the Moon NP

August                      Toured the world's first nuclear power plant, EBR-I

August                      Drove through Yellowstone in the dark - saw some geysers

August                      Visited Grand Teton NP

August                      Saw Mt. Rushmore

August                      Visited Badlands NP and Wall Drug

August                      Stopped in Vivian, South Dakota

August                      Went in the world's largest Corn Palace

August                      Toured the Mall of America and House of Balls in Minneapolis

August                      Drove cross country Pittsburgh → Seattle. Illinois -> Wisconsin -> South Dakota -> Wyoming -> Idaho ->Washington

August                      Visit Grounds for Sculpture and cool Ringing Rocks park

July                             Pittsburgh friends visit for my birthday

July                             Wildwood with NYC friends

July                             Pull Gestures accepted to ICMI

July                             NBC vid on Today Show

July                             NBC vid on Nightly News w/ Lester Holt. He says "wow"!

July                             NBC came to film our lab because of MouthHaptics

July                             Made a “Birds Aren’t Real” poster on a Risograph machine

Summer                   Lived in NYC, working at Meta Reality Labs

April                           First ever in person conference, CHI 2022 in New Orleans

April                           Get interviewed by many news sources about MouthHaptics

April                           I got honorable mention for NSF GRFP

March                       Saw Sammy Rae live at Mr. Smalls Funhouse

March                       MouthHaptics wins Best Paper at CHI!

March                       Visited the Mapparium in Boston

March                       Spring break Boston trip with Mateo and Jake

March                       Biked circles in the Point State Park fountain, and climbed in center

February                 Hosted a “drinking & AMC” competition, where you get points for beer or math

January                    Got used billboard sign right off the posts, made art (pants, vest, etc.)


December                Won IM Frisbee with Microwaves (RI grad students)

November                Hiked Pittsburgh’s northside stairs, 16 miles and 237 flights

November                Two CHI Paper acceptances! (MouthHaptics & ControllerPose)

November                Tried out for USA Worlds Beach Ultimate Team! Was a great experience but really hard

November                Skived on work w/ Chris & Craig to raft

October                     Human Spider for Halloween

Fall                                Learned glass blowing

September Helped run Pinnacle, Olympics of Hackathons

September               FarOut Touch wins best paper at SUI :)

Spring                          Played college survivor, made the merge!! but then got 8th place after being voted most likely to win

Spring                          First paper acceptance! FarOut Touch @ SUI

February                    Stayed with Srin in Atlanta for two weeks

January                      Wasp stung my EYE


October                     Became a Schwartz Entrepreneurial Fellow

October                     Match with Chris Harrison of Future Interfaces Group - his welcome gift is a lockpicking set

August                        Started my PhD in Robotics @ CMU

August                        Visited Srin in Atlanta for the first time

August                        Played Idlewild, 5th best disc golf course in the country

August                        Tried original KFC (not at a KFC)

August                        First time seeing Grand Canyon

August                        Drove cross country, from LA to Pittsburgh, taking Southern route

March                         Walked top to bottom of Manhattan, 16 miles

February                   Attended Almighty Opp, weird puppet show in LA

February                   Road trip stop at White Sands National Park, went sledding

February                   Road trip to NM for crazy MeowWolf experience

Spring                         Worked backstage on Avenger’s campus for months

Spring                         Worked as Disney imagineer on the Spiderman webshooters ride


December                  Featured singing into Karoake mic on James Corden. Also won a T-shirt for my enthusiasm during the show

November                 Bugible Thanksgiving! 18 course meal with every dish made with bugs

September                Was on Let’s Make a Deal! They asked me a "quick cash question" (show me something in your bag with fruit) but I failed...

Fall                                 Worked at Conservation X Labs 

Fall                                 Worked at San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research on an autonomous animal (polar bear) monitoring system

September                Learned to walk on stilts (BM)

September                Tickled by a professional dominatrix (BM)

September                Climbed on Thunderdome while on shrooms (BM)

September                Attended Burning Man: Metamorphasis

August                         Got stuck on ocean with Thai man trying to scam us

July                                Prostrated for 1.5 hours up a temple on Mt. Putuo

July                                Spent an entire week with ZERO communciation

July                                Learned KungFu with Shaolin Monks, both 8 trigrams and 12 forms

July                                Shaved head bald

July                                Lived at the South Shaolin Monastery in Fujian for a month

June                               Visited abandoned Buddhist Hell theme park, Har Paw villa

June                               Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

June                               Bought an ostrich egg (common in Vietnam). Really hard to crack and tasted weirdly gelatinous

June                               Travelled Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore with Candy and Sam

Spring                           Learned to Fence (PE)

February                     Watched Physicist Brian Greene record Light Falls,  live

January                        Learned a lot at the Disgusting Food Museum

January                        Toured the Hiroshi Ishiguro Labs, where I voiced a humanoid robot and held a robot baby


September               Attended Grace Hopper as Microsoft Scholar

August                       Worked overnight at Disney’s California Adventure for two weeks

July                              Met Grant Imahara at Stuntronics demo

Summer - Fall       Worked at Disney Research

June                            Microsoft Sponsor Prize at Capitol360

May                             Clefhangers sang at graduation, Roar Lions Roar

May                             Facebook F8 hackathon as F8 fellow

April                            Met Dominique Ansel and got a private tech tour!

April                            Second tattoo: SOTG (frisbee) on wrist. Designed myself.

March                        Had dinner next to the Prince of Lichtenstein

March                        Presented XPerience on international Catholic TV

March                        Explained VR to the Cardinal of Science (who didn’t speak English)

March                        Finalist at VHacks, Hackathon at the Vatican!

February                  Watched Martha Stewart live... she SUCKS

January                    Watched Trevor Noah live


December                Attended Alfred Aho's last ever class (now a Turing Award winner)

October                    SWE Conference

October                    Ada Lovelace Fellow at the OSHWA Conference in Denver

September              Nude modelled for figure drawing club

September              Modelled in CultureShock

September              Top 10 finalist at HackMIT for SmartBike, an embedded systems bike kit with various sensors + taillights

August                       Visited the Philippines' Department of Education to negotiate contract

August                       Ran an innovation summit in Catarman, Philippines

August                       Witnessed cockfighting (roosters with knives strapped to their feet) + gambling

August                       Spent a month with nonprofit CodePhil in Lavazares, Philippines

July                              Got an NFC microchip embedded in my hand

July                              Went to DEFCon

June                             Watched the US Sumo Open with some of the world’s best sumos

June                             Competed in A16Z Battle of the Hacks

Summer                    Worked at NASA JPL for the Mars Sample Return mission

April                            Was FB friends with and chatted Martin Shkreli

February                  Ran CodeDay NY near the FlatIron

February                  Met Charles Duke, astronaut from Apollo 16

February                  Attended West Point Military Ball

February                  Ran DevFest with Tristan Harris as keynote

January                     2nd place at PennApps


November               Hung out with Awkwafina again, this time at CSC Lunar Gala

November               Convinced guard to lead me to roof of tallest Dallas building

November               Ran Dallas CodeDay

October                    Ran the Columbia Makerspace MakerFaire booth at World MakerFaire

September              Intel Sponsor prize at HackMIT

July                              Saw Muay Thai worlds

July                              Visited Chan in Vietnam, tried turtle for the first time

Summer                    Played on HK National Women’s Ultimate Team

Summer                    Studied abroad at HKUST

April                            Attended NASA Space Apps NYC

April                            Finally got the tattoo I’ve wanted for 5 years. Fire on collarbone

February                  LIGO Discovery! Immediate assembly @ Columbia, Neil DeGrasse Tyson was there

February                  Hung out with Awkwafina at a concert at Barnard, sang on stage with her


Fall                               Finalist in Red Bull's "Can You Make It" Challenge with Candy and Mark

September              Modelled in AAA CultureShock 

September              Started undergrad at Columbia University (SEAS)

January                     Learned to walk on ball, spin plates, juggle