Press and Talks

Selected Media Coverage

NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz takes us inside Future Interfaces Research Lab at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. At the lab, one of the leading minds behind VR innovation, Chris Harrison, and his team trick your brain into thinking you are touching, feeling, and interacting with things that aren’t really there. They attempt to do this with as little hardware as possible.

Recorded Talks / Presentations

Advanced I/O Lecture

DHCS 2023

Slides for the lecture I gave in Intro HCII on advanced input and output methods, along with recent and foundational related research.

Fluid Reality Conference Presentation

UIST 2023

"The Hows and Whys of a PhD"

CodeDay Labs 2021

This talk will be in roughly two parts. The first is why someone would want a PhD: what career paths does it open up? Why is it different from a Bachelor's or Master's? What are the pros and cons of graduate school? The second is how someone can set themselves up for a PhD: how can you prepare, during undergraduate or while working, for a PhD? What do PhD programs look for in a candidate? Once in a program, how can you do "well"? Hopefully, if someone is considering pursuing a PhD, this talk will help answer some questions, or at least introduce a new possible path for others!

"The Road of Robotics Research"

CodeDay Labs 2020

When you picture a robot, does the image of a humanoid talking machine pop into your head? When you think about the future, do you see Ex Machina style robots running rampant? Unfortunately that is a misconception due to the movie industry - most robots aren't made to look and act like humans. In this talk, I'll introduce students to some of the major areas of robotics research currently, and then discuss where some of these fields are headed once technology allows.